Hi Succy Friend!

I'm glad you're here.

I'm Andrea.

You can pronounce it An-drea, Ahn-drea, or Ahn-draya, I really don't care. I only care about us becoming life long Succy Friends through the magical world of succulents.

I became obsessed with succulents when I decided to transform my SoCal yard to a drought tolerant oasis. Shortly after, I found myself unemployed because of the Coronapocalypse. I decided to adapt and thrive like the succulents I Ioved, and that's how Just Succ It came to be. Now, how I came up with the name is a story for another time. :D

But wait...there's more!

Did you know succulents are basically life coaches in plant form? Well, they are! Their ability to adapt so they can thrive is unmatched, and they are a constant reminder that we can do the same. I'm on a mission to share that message so people can live happier more fulfilling lives.